Drift diving specialty course

Drifts, waves, currents and tides

Where and how do currents come to exist? And how do you dive during them? If You ever have to wonder about safe practises to dive with currents, then this course will give you the answers.

There is no need to be nervous because of the currents during the dives when you know how to dive in them and how You can read water movements in advance.

During this course You will learn:

  • What kind of equipment You can use to make drift dive more easy and safe.
  • What kind of diving techniques You can use in drifts.
  • From where and how will water movement come to exist, what it causes and what it affects.
  • How important perfect buoyancy is during drift dive.
  • Buddy contact and communication practises during drift dive.


After completing the course, you are ready to float in all the relaxing manners with the currents while admiring the scenery and you won’t get anxious about their impact on your diving.

1 day

  • Independent theory learning; review questions from learning material. 
  • Open water dives; total two course dives and one fundive

Duration of the day about 7.30-18

  • In the course day we will join the day trip boat where You will develop skills in a real scuba diving environment.
  • Minimum 12 year old
  • Open Water Diver course (completed with any organization)
  • Good health (No-answers at medical questionnaire or doctor's certificate that You are fit to dive)
  • Read medical questionnaire here
  • To participate in the course, you must have diving insurance. You can also buy insurance through us.

Price on daytrips
PADI 8 000 THB
SSI 7 000 THB

Price on liveaboard
SSI 5000 THB

Price includes:

  • Transport from and to Your hotel (Kata, Karon, Rawai, Patong) on day trips
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinking water, coffee and tea
  • Diving equipments during the course
  • Experienced Scuba instructor (Fin + Eng) 
  • Learning materials and all certification fees
  • INTO dive-gift

For the course days, all you need is a minimum of a happy mind, a swimsuit, a towel and course materials.

Hover forward in your hobby and BOOK NOW for a Drift Diving specialtycourse! By completing the course, you are one step closer to the Master Diver or Master Scuba Diver rating.

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