Marine Ecology - course

Learn to understand the underwater nature!

"Ecology is a multidisciplinary branch of biology that studies the interaction of organisms and species with each other and with the inanimate environment around them."

Marine ecology is a broad and exciting topic that easily draws our attention and arouses our curiosity. This course will give you a general understanding of everything related to marine ecology.

In Marine Ecology course you will learn:

  • Oceans are full of different ecosystems that interact with each other.
  • The effect of physical elements of the oceans, such as water quality, temperature, salinity, and water movement, on the organisms that live there.
  • Different natural and human impacts to our oceans.
  • How people can affect the health, management and recovery of our oceans.

Surprisingly, it is only in the last century that we have begun to understand the importance of our oceans in our daily lives. Although we have modern technology and research capabilities, we have explored only about 5% of the world’s oceans.

You can go through the theoretical part of the course at your own pace with e-materials.

  • Theory study, SSI e-material. (materials in English)
  • Online session with a schedule and duration that depends on you.
  • E-material knowledge review
  • E-material online exam

You can study the e-material at your own pace.

An online lecture will be given discussing the topics of the course.

  • An online lecture can be conducted through the best connection for you, e.g., Zoom, Teams etc.
  • Minimum 10 year old
  • There are no other requirements for starting the course, but of course an interest in the topic is recommended.

2 500 THB

Price includes:

  • Materiaalin läpikäyminen kouluttajan kanssa.
  • Kurssimateriaalit omaksi digitaalisessa muodossa ilman aikarajaa.

For the course days, all you need is a minimum of a happy mind and course materials.

Feel free to contact us either with our contact form or by email. We will provide instructions on how to download the course material for your use.

Learn more about the ecology of our oceans and BOOK NOW Marine Ecology - course! After completing the course, you will understand much more about our surrounding nature!

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