Phi Phi Earlybird

Stunning scenery and lively marine life!

Phi Phi Islands are perhaps the most famous archipelago in Thailand and it should definitely be on your To Do list during your vacation!

The beauty of nature, the high-rise karst rock cliffs, the abundance of marine life and the crystal clear waters are all highlights of your day. In addition to them, Phi Phi Islands is also known for the legendary movie “The Beach,” which shooting locations we visit during the day.

Today, the Phi Phi Islands are visited by a lot of tourists, but we planned a perfect speedboat trip from Phuket that will allow you to explore the islands without hurry and without the crowds.

Join us for a perfect holiday!

Phi Phi Excursion is held almost all year round, weather permitting. The best time for the trip is from November to April, when the surf is small and the water clear.

  • 5: 00-6: 00 Pick up from your hotel to the departure pier Royal Phuket Marina (time depends on the location of the hotel and will be confirmed at the time of booking) 
    The pickup time is early, we know it, but definitely worth waking up to. This is how we are the first to reach all destinations without congestion.
  • Maya bay. After a short walk in nature you will find a real paradise, probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!
  • Phileh Lagoon. On the other side of Phi Phi Leh Island is the beautiful Pileh Lagoon, where you can jump from a boat to swim in the crystal clear water.
  • Vikingcave. Viking Cave gets its name from the paintings found on the east and south walls of the cave. These paintings are possibly made by sailors who came to safety in the cave during the storm.
  • Monkey beach. A visit to Monkey Beach to see the macaque monkeys that live there. When the tide allows, we stop right on the beach (always follow the instructions in the guide because the monkeys are wild and we have to respect them). If the tide is too low or high, we will see the monkeys from the boat.
  • Viewpoint. The next stop is Tonsai Bay on Phi Phi Don Island, where you can hike the stunning vantage point or stay on the beach. Be sure to bring drinking water and sunscreen from the boat with you on the trip. The view from above is breathtaking, so don’t forget your phone for great selfies too! If you don’t want to climb the Viewpoint, you can explore the village of Tonsai or relax on the beach.
  • Snorkeling. Meiltä saat kaikki snorklausvarusteet. Pidä hauskaa ja tutustu koralliriutan merielämään. Jos olet onnekas, niin näet myös pieniä vauva-haita.
  • Lunch. Nauti herkullinen piknik-tyylinen lounas Bamboo-saaren valkoisella hiekkarannalla ilman kiirettä ja sulattele lounasta rentoutuen, aurinkoa ottaen ja uiden tai snorklaten ennen kotimatkaa.
  • About 15.30 We will return to Royal Phuket Marina, from where transfer to your hotel.

** Itinerary may change depending on tides and local weather conditions.

The trip is suitable for almost everyone. Because the trip is done by speedboat, there are a few restrictions for your safety:

  • Excursions are not possible for children under 2 years of age or over 75 years of age.
  • Excursion is not possible for pregnant women.
  • Joining to the trip is not recommended if you have back problems.
  • The tour guides are mainly English. Larger groups we have the opportunity to get a Finnish guide.
  • All guides are first aid trained and the boats have first aid equipment, GPS, radio and life jackets.
  • Mukavuuden varmistamiseksi veneitä ei oteta täyteen; Pikaveneelle, joka on rekisteröity 25 henkilölle otetaan maksimissaan 20 asiakasta ja henkilökunta. Pikaveneelle, joka on rekisteröity 45 henkilölle, otetaan maksimissaan 32 asiakasta ja henkilökunta.

3 900 THB

Children (4-12 years):
2 450 THB

Children 2-3 years free.

Price includes:

  • Transfers from your hotel
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Guide services
  • Soft drinks, water, coffee
  • Fresh fruits
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Pelastusliivit
  • Marine park fees

What do you need cash for:

  • Possible souvenir shopping
  • Delicacies in Tonsai

Minimum that you need to bring is a happy mindset, a swimsuit, a towel, eco-friendly sunscreen and a sun hat.

Join with us to enjoy a relaxed holiday and BOOK NOW Your trip!

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