Richelieu Rock

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Richelieu Rock

This dive site just can’t be given glory too much! Definitely the most amazing dive site in the Similan and Surin area that everyone loves. A pinnacle that rises from a depth of 40 meters to the surface. At low tide the top of the pinnacle is about a meter visible at high tide it is completely below the surface. The destination’s breathtaking scenery, huge barracudas and rays and small macro animals such as Seahorses and nudibranchs in all their color splendor, are a diver’s dream. Pinnacle is covered by miljons of glass fish and the colorful soft corals are a really beautiful sight. No wonder Jacques Cousteau once fell in love with this dive site.

Beginner - advanced
The best attractions in the depth
0 - 40m
Hard coral - Soft coral
Hard and soft coral
What to expect under the surface
Big schools of fish, Amazing scenery
Wall - reef - pinnacle - wreck
Big Pinnacle

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