The following terms and conditions apply to all services organized, sold or provided by INTO Dive Center. The customer accepts the conditions listed below when booking the service. The terms and conditions are available on the INTO Dive center website before booking.


The travel contract is created when the customer pays 40% deposit to the INTO dive center by the due date of the invoice. In the case that the customer did not pay the deposit, INTO dive center has the right to terminate the contract without notice. If the trip is booked after the final payment date of the trip, the total price of the trip will be paid when booking. Exceptional payment schedules are possible if the payment terms of the service provider are more strict than those payment terms mentioned above. Payment will be made to the INTO dive Center Thai account or Wise account. A contract binding on the passenger is created when the first payment ordered by the INTO Dive center has been paid no later than the due date. The full price of the trip must be paid 45 days before the first day of the Safari or in some cases at another agreed time.

Diving courses are paid for in cash at the start of the course. If the course includes online materials, they will be paid for in advance and the customer will be given access to the materials once payment has been made.

Day trips are paid for in cash during the trip.
Exceptions are snorkeling and island trips, which must be paid in advance at the time agreed upon at the time of booking.


The deposit or total fee paid for safaris will be refunded if the liveaboard is canceled for any reason by the service provider. If the reason for the cancellation is something else than that which the service provider or INTO Dive Center can influence, the booking fee may not be refunded. The amount to be refunded is that which INTO Dive Center has received in its account and will be deducted from the processing costs of 1500 thb in the case of international payments.
If the customer cancels the liveaboard trip, deposit or the final payment will not be refunded.

We recommend our customers to take out sufficiently comprehensive travel insurance cover for persons and property, which includes e.g. cancellation cover (covering illness or death of one's own, a close relative or a travel partner, as well as natural phenomena and other force majeure situations).

Travel insurance should be purchased before committing to a travel contract. The cancellation cover of the insurance generally takes effect from the day when the insurance premium has been paid, even if the start date of the insurance is marked as the Departure Date of the trip. The passenger must inquire about the insurance and cancellation conditions and other additional information from their insurance company.

The cancellation date is the day on which the INTO dive center has received written notice of the cancellation and acknowledges it as received. Services ordered in advance separately are always binding from the moment of booking and cancellation will be charged as the full price of the service in question, unless otherwise agreed. Failure to pay the invoices / final invoice supplementing the total price of the trip is not a cancellation of the trip for the customer, but the customer must cancel the trip in writing before departure.

These cancellation policies will apply regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

If the cancellation is due to illness or other reason approved by the insurance company, INTO dive center will write a certificate of paid services to the insurance company upon request.

Day trips (diving) can be canceled or postponed by 2pm the day before by email or phone (including Whatsapp) at no charge. For cancellations made after this, we will charge the full price of the trip.

Island tours (snorkeling and island hopping) can be canceled no later than 36 hours before the start of the trip by email or phone (including Whatsapp) free of charge. For cancellations made after this, we will charge the full price of the trip.

Day trips (Similan & Surin) can be canceled no later than four days before the start of the trip by email or phone (including Whatsapp) free of charge. For cancellations made after this, we will charge the full price of the trip.
This is due to the Thailand marine park fees, which are applied for personally for everyone and cancellations are not accepted by the Thai officials.

If the cancellation is due to illness or another reason approved by the insurance company, the INTO Dive center will write a written certificate of the services paid to the insurance company upon request.
The cancellation time is the moment when the INTO Dive center has received the information about the cancellation and acknowledges it as received.

The course can be postponed or canceled free of charge by 2 pm the day before. If the course is interrupted during its completion, the customer will only pay the costs accrued until then. Completed course credits are valid for one year from the date of their completion and the course can be continued later. If necessary, the INTO Dive center issues a certificate of approved course completion and the student can continue the course elsewhere.



Prices are based on prices, exchange rates, schedules and departures known at the time the liveaboard, daytirp or course package was created.


The customer must always consult and check the booking confirmation received from the INTO dive Center without delay. When booking a safari or excursion, the customer must provide name and other personal information in exactly the same format as it is in the passport to be used, as well as other personal information correctly.

No refunds will be given for unused and prepaid services. A customer who does not make full use of the trip, accommodation or other service booked and / or leaves the group during the trip is obliged to notify the INTO Dive center staff and the local service provider immediately. The customer is obliged to arrive at the agreed times for hotels, excursions, transportation and to follow the instructions given by the service provider. INTO Dive center is not liable for damages caused by the customer's negligence or delays.

The customer is obliged to take into account the passport, visa, health and currency regulations of the destinations. The passport, visa and health requirements mentioned in connection with the purchase of the service apply to Finnish citizens. Holders of passports from countries other than Finland must indicate their nationality when booking.

It should be noted, among other things, that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival in Thailand. Participants in the trip are responsible for obtaining any necessary visas and cost for obtaining them. INTO Dive Center shall not be liable for any damage caused to a passenger if his / her trip is hindered due to incomplete and / or incorrect travel documents. INTO Dive Center is also not responsible for invalid visas or broken passports that may prevent travel or entry into the country. The passenger must ensure that the passport is valid in accordance with the travel rules of the destination and that there are enough blank pages in the passport for visas and stamps.

Diving permit fees, marine park fees, exit fees from the country and other fees specified by local authorities will be paid on site and will be stated on the order confirmation.

The customer must provide the INTO Dive Center with the telephone number and e-mail address from which they can be reached during the trip.

If the customer notices an error in the service he / she has purchased, he / she is obliged to notify the INTO Dive Center staff immediately so that the error can be corrected if possible.


The liveaboards, courses and excursions at the INTO Dive Center require the participant to have adequate physical fitness for diving activities. If a participant doubts something about their own health or has an illness that requires a separate medical certificate of diving, they should visit a doctor that is specialised by scuba diving medical and ask for a written English fit for diving document before the trip. Prior to diving activities, the participant always fills in the PADI / SSI / DAN medical report and other required forms. It is possible to read them in advance upon request.

Liveaboards and excursions may include long journeys by car or boat, as well as long walking distances at the destination. During liveaboards and excursions You should be prepared to face local life on all scales, possibly including phenomena unfamiliar to oneself, such as inequality, poverty or large social disparities.

Participation in liveaboards and excursions basically requires unobstructed physical ability, physical and mental health, and normal general condition. Exceptions are on a case-by-case basis and should be discussed in advance with INTO Dive Center staff. People with reduced health should evaluate the conditions of participation on a trip-by-trip basis with a health care professional and consult with INTO Dive Center before booking. People with severe memory problems cannot participate in liveaboards or excursions without a personal assistant. In addition to the above-mentioned instructions and conditions, a participant in INTO Dive Center diving activities must take into account the pre-dive certification requirement according to the liveaboard or day trip destination and the minimum number of dives performed, if any.

If the customer ignores the above and this incurs additional costs, the customer is responsible for these costs.


The customer may hand over the agreed liveaboard or excursion to another person and the INTO Dive Center staff must be notified immediately. The primary customer and the transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for the costs arising from the change.

Note! On certain safaris and excursions, name changes to the list of participants are limited to a certain amount of time. We recommend that you ask the INTO Dive Center for instructions before handing over the contract.


INTO Dive Center has the right to cancel the trip if there are not enough participants. Any price paid by the passenger for a canceled trip will be refunded.

We reserve the right to cancel additional trips or other additional services where the minimum number of participants is not met. Any price paid by the passenger for the canceled services will be refunded. Cancellation of an excursion or other activity booked as an additional service does not entitle you to a price reduction or compensation higher than the price of the additional service.


If, on liveaboards or excursions with a Finnish guide or instructor, he / she suddenly falls ill or is otherwise prevented, we reserve the right to use the English-speaking guide or instructor until we can replace him / her with a Finnish-speaking one. We reserve the right, in case of compulsion, to exchange a pre-appointed guide for another person. Switching from one guide or instructor to another does not entitle you to a price reduction or free cancellation. With regard to the courses, we primarily aim to move the course so that we get a Finnish-speaking instructor. (Or the instructor that speak Your language)


We require all those participating in liveaboards to have sufficiently comprehensive travel insurance that is appropriate to the character of the trip. The customer is advised to choose insurance with cancellation insurance. The customer must verify the insurance terms and conditions with his or her own insurance company and bring the insurance documents required for possible claims in the event of the trip. As the trips do not include insurance or cancellation cover, we urge our customers to take out travel insurance at the time of booking, which includes, among other things, cancellation insurance in case of serious illness or death of one's own, close relative or travel companion You can get more detailed instructions from your insurance company.

A valid dive insurance is required for a diving participant. The insurance must also cover any helicopter evacuation. Proof of insurance must be presented to INTO Dive center before the start of the liveaboard or daytrip.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that his dive insurance is valid on the dive days of the travel package.

In the event of delay, loss or damage to your luggage, we urge participants in our travels to obtain adequate travel insurance coverage. Valuable and essential property during the trip, such as personal medicines, means of payment and travel documents, should be carried under the passenger's own control throughout the trip.

We also urge our customers to check the cancellation policy section of their insurance, especially if it is an annual insurance or insurance linked to a payment card. In some insurances, the amounts of compensation are limited, which may result in an expansion of the passenger's own liability.

INTO Dive center is not liable for damages resulting from force majeure, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism or other similar situations. INTO Dive center is also not responsible for any damage that may occur to passengers or luggage. For more information on the general security of the target countries, see e.g. From the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs' travel bulletins. In addition to the passenger himself, the authorities of that country are primarily responsible for the safety of the passenger abroad. The passenger must act taking into account the circumstances of the destination.

Site safety and other relevant information on the site is available from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the National Institute for Health and Welfare; e.g. from the websites of those parties. The passenger must get acquainted with the conditions of the destination, e.g. using the above information.


The personal data provided for the booked trip will be transferred to the partners and authorities relevant for the execution of the liveaboard or excursion order and the reservation of services. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.


In Thailand, there may be occasional irregularities in travel, such as schedule changes, delays and cancellations. We strive to make every effort to make alternative travel available as soon as possible. The weather in the target area may also cause changes. INTO Dive center reserves the right to make changes to the schedule and subject matter due to such special circumstances.


A situation in which, during a trip, as a result of a natural disaster, general strike, state of war, pandemic etc., the customer incurs additional costs in terms of temporary transport or accommodation.

In this case, the additional costs arising from the situation remain to be paid by the customer. If necessary, the INTO Dive center will arrange accommodation and transportation for the customer, but reserves the right to charge the additional costs incurred in full at the latest after the trip.


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