Phuket Sandbox

Phuket Sandbox and diving

We would like to share the following information, rules and regulations for day trips.

  1. We require the following details when booking:
    - Full name, date of birth and passport or ID card number
    - Covid vaccination certificate or
    - Negative RT-PCR test or
    - Negative antigen rapid test up to a maximum of 7 days old.

  2. Download and activate the Morchana app on your phone or mobile device to log in at Chalong Pier (this is required of all customers and staff to board the boat).

  3. It is recommended to bring your passport or ID card with you on a day trip if you have any questions about arrival time.

  4. The maximum number of staff and customers is set at 30 people / boat.

  5. At the moment, guests on the Phuket Sandbox project and foreign / local tourists can be mixed in the trips, so please let us know when booking whether you are under the Sandbox project or local (Thai or foreign).

  6. Dive sites:
    If there are guests on board from the Phuket Sandbox project, the boat is only allowed to go to the following destinations:
    - Racha Noi & Yai
    - Maithon
    - Coral Island
    – Koh Dok Mai

    If the boat has guests only from local areas, the boat is also allowed to go to the following destinations:
    – King Cruiser-wreck
    – Shark Point
    – Anemonereef

If a diving trip is organised to destinations outside Phuket Province (King Cruiser, Anemonereef, Phi Phi destinations), participants must have the following certificates:

  1. Vaccination certificate (either two Sinovac vaccinations or one Astra Zeneca, Modena, Pfizer, etc.)

  2. Negative corona test up to 72 hours old (Antigen or PRC)

Phuket Sandbox in general

The information below is based on existing information as of October 1, 2021. Please note that information is subject to change at any time without notice, and we are not responsible for any errors in our information. We ask that you provide the latest information from the Thai Embassy and / or local authorities. 

  1. Get fully vaccinated with a WHO- or Thai FDA-approved vaccine, unless under 18 and travelling with legal guardians.

  2. Stay in approved country for at least 21 days before your travel date.

  3. Purchase COVID-19 health insurance of at least USD 100 000.

  1. Apply for prior approval for a Certificate of Entry (COE) here:

  2. Wait for about 3 days to receive your COE Pre-approval; your status may be checked on the COE website.

  3. Book Your flight.

  4. Make Your booking at an SHA Plus-approved property (Phuket Sandbox booking).

  5. The property will request additional documents from you by email within 3 day (please reach out to them if they don’t contact you).

  6. Book Your sandbox swab tests here (Link to PSAS booking webpage)

  7. Go back to the COE website and upload the required documents within 15 days of receiving your COE Pre-approval.

  8. Wait for final COE approval to be sent to you, and then follow instructions to print your COE.

  1. Passport and valid visa (if needed)

  2. Vaccination certificate

  3. Proof of COVID-19 health insurance.

  4. Flight booking confirmation

  5. Booking confirmation in SHABA format at SHA Plus hotel(s)

  6. Payment confirmation for COVID-19 tests. (2 test during 7 days)
  1. Obtain proof of negative RT-PCR test issued no more than 72 hours before departure

  2. Have all your documents in both digital and printed forms prepared for travel.
  1. Entry screening and Immigration and Customs procedures:

    - Travellers on direct, non-stop flights to Phuket International Airport are subject to health screening and Immigration and Customs procedures at the point of entry. Click to see the Link to TAT webpage

  2. Download and install an alert application, as well as set the application on at all times for the whole duration in Thailand.

  3. Proceed directly to the reserved hotel on approved airport transfer service.

  4. Undergo a COVID-19 test (RT-PCR method) at own expense as per the following requirements:

    - Taking the first test upon arrival and await the test results in the accommodation.

    - The second test is taken on day 6 or 7.

    - In the case that travellers are tested positive for COVID-19, travellers will be referred to specified healthcare facilities for medical treatment, for which the expenses must be covered by the required insurance.

  5. If tested negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Phuket.

  6. Travellers with an intended length of stay less than 7 days must leave Phuket (Thailand) immediately on an international flight to another country on or before their intended departure date.

  7. Travellers who have completed 7 nights in Phuket will be allowed to continue their journey to other Thai destinations.
    For travelling from Phuket to other Thai destinations, travellers are required to show proof that they have completed a 7-night stay accommodation along with other required documentation per the guidelines and measures announced by the respective destinations.
  1. You can go anywhere in Phuket, BUT you must strictly follow the DMHTTA precautions: D – Distancing, M – Mask wearing, H – Handwashing, T – Temperature check, T – Testing for COVID-19, and A – alert application.

  2. Masks must be worn at all times in public areas and in any vehicle with two or more people travelling.

  3. Travellers are required to undergo additional COVID-19 tests, using an RT-PCR method during their stay as per the following requirements:

    - The second test is taken on day 6 or 7.

  4. A local or foreigner already staying in Thailand may join the passenger in the accommodation, provided that this person meets the hotel's requirements.

  5. It is mandatory that a ‘SHA Plus’ accommodation establishment is used in Phuket. Residing in a private residence is not allowed for COVID-19 control purposes.

  6. If the tourist arrives in the country between 00.01-18.00, the date of arrival is counted as the first day. If the tourist arrives in the country between 18.01 and 00.00, the date of arrival is counted as day zero, and the counting starts from the next day.
  1. Any person experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms must immediately get a test done.

  2. If the person is travelling in a group, every person in the group must undergo a test.

  3. In the case a traveller tests positive for COVID-19 in Thailand, he/she will be responsible for the medical expenses, which must be covered by the required insurance.

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