Science of diving specialty course

Deepen your knowledge of the underwater world

Good divers are always learning more. The aim of the course is to comprehensively improve your knowledge of the various aspects related to diving and thus make diving more comfortable.

By increasing your knowledge of diving theory, you will enjoy diving more and gain more confidence as a diver.

With the Science of diving specialty course, you will deepen your knowledge:

  • About the physics of diving and its effect during diving.
  • About the physiology of diving and its effect on the diver.
  • About the decompression theory, i.e. the accumulation of nitrogen in the body during diving.
  • About diving equipments and how they work.
  • more about diving environment including tides and underwater nature.

The Science of diving specialty course is the basis for professional courses and every diver regardless of experience level will definitely benefit from it!

1 day; as theory study

  • Theory study; SSI online material
  • Final exam included in the online materials.
  • Theory study, discussions with the instructor

As a theory study, the duration of the day is about 5-6 hours

  • The course is done in a classroom or during a diving day havin a conversations with the instructor.
  • 15 years of age recommended (official 10 years)
  • Open Water Diver course (completed with any organization) or Referral diver (completed with any organization).
  • Good health (No-answers at medical questionnaire or doctor's certificate that You are fit to dive). Only if You will conduct dives during a course
  • Read medical questionnaire here
  • To participate in the course, you must have diving insurance. You can also buy insurance through us here. (Only if You will conduct dives during a course)

Theory learning (no. dives incl.)
SSI 7 000 THB

Price includes:

  • Learning materials and all certification fees
  • Experienced Scuba instructor (Fin + Eng) 
  • INTO dive-gift

For the course days, you only need to bring the desire to learn new and the course materials as a minimum.​​

Improve your knowledge of diving theory and BOOK NOW Science of diving specialty course. By completing the course, you are one step closer to the Master Diver or Master Scuba Diver rating.

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